At Pendle Academy our Jazz classes are 'free' (meaning we don't follow a set syllabus), however we do incorporate elements of BBO Jazz syllabus and ISTD Jazz awards syllabus into our classes. 

Jazz dance was born in America and originally incorporated styles such as Charleston, Lindy Hop and Mambo. It later developed into Musical Theatre Jazz and most recently into Commercial Jazz. The wide range of styles that Jazz classes can incorporate means that classes are fun, full of energy and always different.

Though our classes don't fully follow the BBO or ISTD syllabi, if a student wished to take a Jazz exam then this is something that can be worked towards.

Within these classes, students will also work to enhance their technique using some of our other registered training programmes such as the Studio To Screens, Alixa Flexibility and Rosina Andrew's technique and conditioning plus much, much more. More details about the extra training methods used throughout all our classes can be found ...

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